Walnut Facial Scrub

All girls love facial scrubs. It’s just a thing. Especially as we start aging. Ack! It helps unclog pores,  allows moisturizer to sink in better, and leaves your face feeling silky, smooth, and healthy.  This recipe uses Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) and Walnut Shells for their exfoliating properties. Because of the super fine particle size, they’re gentle enough to use on your face. Kaolin Clay will help to draw impurities from the skin and Tea Tree Essential oil has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties, which may help with those stubborn blemishes.

DIY Walnut Facial Scrub

7 oz Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)
4 oz Walnut Shells
1 oz Kaolin Clay
.2 oz Tea Tree Essential Oil
Two 8 oz Bail Jars

ONE: In a large container, add 7 oz of baking soda. Use your hands or a sifter to break up any clumps.

TWO: Add 4 oz of walnut shells and 1 oz of kaolin clay.

THREE: Use your hands or a whisk to mix in all the ingredients and break up any remaining clumps.

DIY Walnut Facial Scrub
Add .2 ounces of the Tea Tree Essential Oil. Make sure to mix Well. 

To Use: Place a small amount of the scrub in your hands. Add a little water or oil (depending on your skin type) to the scrub to make a paste. Apply the scrub to wet clean skin, and move in gentle circular motions. Rinse off and apply moisturizer. When not using, we suggest keeping your facial scrub in a 8 oz bail jar and store in a dry area.

DIY Walnut Facial Scrub