March: Sugar Scrub Cubes

Have you been longing for a shower product so wonderful that it could exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize without using three separate shower products? You better sit down for this because we’ve found a product that does it all. It’s called a sugar scrub cube and the DIY project has already shipped to your door. Did we just blow your mind or what? This project makes 36 sugar scrub cubes made from melt and pour soap, sweet almond oil, white sugar, and Fresh Bamboo fragrance oil for a squeaky clean aroma. Can we please get three cheers for this fragrance oil?

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Your Handmade Beauty Box Includes:
16 oz Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base
8 oz Sweet Almond Oil
18 oz White Sugar
0.7 oz Fresh Bamboo Fragrance Oil
1/2 Fired Up Fuchsia Colorant
1/2 Fizzy Lemonade Colorant
1 Dropper
Rectangle Molds with Lids (BPA Free)
Finished Labels (bottom of box)

What you’ll need from home:
2 Small Heat Safe Containers
Measuring Spoons
Mixing Spoons
Non-serrated Knife
Plastic Wrap, Cellophane Bags, or a Wide Mouth Jar (for storage)

Prep: Unwrap the block of soap and carefully cut it into 8 equal parts. Eyeball it the best that you can (each soap chunk should weigh about 2 oz). Next, cut each colorant triangle into 4 equal parts. Again, eyeball it the best that you can (each colorant chunk should weigh about 1 gram). Lastly, lay out the rectangle molds so they are ready for action.

Melt and Pour Soap prepped to make sugar scrub cubes from Handmade Beauty Box.ONE: Into a small heat safe container, add one chunk of soap (2 oz), 5 tablespoons of Sweet Almond Oil (2 oz), 1 chunk of yellow colorant (1 gram), and 2 ml of Fresh Bamboo Fragrance Oil.

TWO: Melt the ingredients in the microwave for 35 seconds or until the soap has melted. Stir the oil and soap mixture until the colorant is fully incorporated.DIY Sugar Scrub Cube project from Handmade Beauty Box.THREE: (time sensitive step) Add 12 tablespoons of white sugar (6 oz) and stir FAST until the sugar is fully incorporated with the soap and oil mixture. You have about 10 seconds to stir before the mixture starts to harden. TIP: We recommend pre-measuring 12 tablespoons of sugar ahead of time. Adding the sugar all at once will give you a longer mixing window.

DIY Sugar Scrub Cube project from Handmade Beauty Box

FOUR: Pour the mixture into two rectangle molds and let cool for approximately 2—3 hours or until solid.
TIP: We use the term “pour” loosely in this step. Depending on your temperatures, it will most likely be a “glop” into the molds. This project is all about timing. If the mixture hardens before you get a chance to “glop,” don’t panic. Just pop it back in the micro- wave for 15 seconds to soften it back up. Try not to reheat too many times as we don’t want the sugar to dissolve.

FIVE: Unmold and cut each bar into 6 equal cubes. Wrap in cellophane bags or plastic wrap and add a cute label. To add the labels, cut out the desired shape, peel off the back, and apply the sticker.

SIX: Repeat using the fuchsia colorant OR combine both colorants for a pretty orange hue.

We sent you a little extra soap, colorant, sweet almond oil, and fragrance oil just in case you want to experiment with your own recipes. Here are some ideas:

1) Make soap. Melt the remaining 4 chunks of soap (8 oz) in the microwave on 30-second bursts. Add 4-6 ml of fragrance oil, 2 ml of sweet almond oil, and a chunk of colorant. Stir the mixture and pour the soap into the remaining molds. Let cool for 4-6 hours then unmold.  Check out these soap layers and swirls for inspiration. 

2) Make a facial scrub by combining 3 tablespoons of sweet almond oil with 3 tablespoons of brown sugar from your pantry and 4-7 tablespoons of honey from your pantry. Mix well. To use, gently massage into your clean, damp face. Rinse with warm water.

3) Or make more sugar scrub cubes using white sugar from your pantry and the recipe above. If you run low on sweet almond oil, olive oil is a good substitution.

Sugar Scrub Cubes from Handmade Beauty Box
To Use: The white sugar gently exfoliates, the soap cleans, and the oil leaves your skin feeling moisturized, silky, and smooth. It’s really the perfect shower product. Take one sugar scrub cube into the shower, knead with water in the palm of your hand, and scrub all over the desired area. Store in an airtight container or plastic wrap – just like soap, these could start sweating if exposed to too much moisture.

Download the super cute labels here!

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Have fun, get creative, and share your Handmade Beauty Box projects on social media! We want to see how creative you get with these sugar scrub cubes! Post your photos to #hbbshowandtell!

This project was adapted from the Soap Queen Blog and was designed by our friend Erin Pikor.



I didn’t like this box. I made the sugar scrubs but they don’t scrub even when you break them apart. It doesn’t melt away. I just tossed what I couldn’t give away. I also thought the fragrance was way to strong. It gave me headaches.


We’re so sorry to hear that you weren’t a fan of this project. It was such a popular blog post on the Soap Queen Blog so we thought it would be fun to share the recipe with our Handmade Beauty Box subscribers. I will agree with you that this is a very mild exfoliation unlike the pink salt scrub from October’s box. That’s just the nature of sugar. I usually end up using 2-3 cubes in the shower with this particular recipe.

This recipe left you with some extra sweet almond oil and extra soap so you could still make a sugar scrub just using sugar and oil OR whip out a few bars of soap =)
Thank you for the feedback!


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