Subscriber Shout Outs #2

Reason number 439 on why we love social media: We get to swoon over photos of Handmade Beauty Box projects created by our super talented subscribers. We can’t even handle how awesome these posts are. Check out these beautiful projects below and keep posting to #hbbshowandtell and #handmadebeautybox on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so we can continue to stalk enjoy your beautiful DIY beauty and spa projects!

Mermaid Ombre Soaps from Instagram made by Handmade Beauty Box subscribers!

Mermaid Ombre soaps proved to be a popular project (only a few left in stock!) and we loved seeing so many soapy variations!

From left to right: @khplourde@playfullycontemporary, Brandy, @searcher73, @saristern@tkdkitten

Eyeshadow Collage

DIY Eyeshadows were a hit too. This box came with a recipe for powdered eyeshadow and solid eyeshadows in your own custom colors.

From left to right: @piscesgrrrl74@_xoxochris@caseyr007@theblackcurrantshop

Other fun projects created by Handmade Beauty Box subscribers on Instagram.The photos above are more fun projects that you can still get from the Handmade Beauty Box singles page like the Pink Salt Scrub, Cuticle Balm, Mint Julep Lip Balm, Sea Clay Face Masks, 100% Natural Foot Balms, Bronzer, Facial Toner, and Lipstick (woah…we’ve done some awesome projects!). 

From left to right: @ruralgirlssoap, Claire, @natalie.mama@ruralgirlssoap, @michellel701, @jilwithonel, @khplourde, @moon_dancer101, @caseyr007

Handmade Beauty Boxes also work as cat beds =)

Fun Fact: Handmade Beauty Boxes can even be upcycled into cat beds when you’re done with them! Photo credit goes to our hilarious subscriber, Lucy!

Do you want to learn more about Handmade Beauty Box and how to get in on the fun? Check out the about page and the FAQ sections of the website or feel free to send us an email! We always love talking DIY!