Solid Eye Shadow Recipe

December’s box included all the ingredients and recipes to create mineral makeup eye shadow using beautiful (and nature identical) micas and oxides. We. Love. Mineral makeup. But not everyone loves the idea of wearing loose eye shadow. Follow the tutorial below and learn how to turn your loose eye shadow into solid eye shadow. Did we just blow your mind? You won’t believe how easy it is!Mineral Makeup Eye Shadoq

What You’ll Need:
December’s Handmade Beauty Box
Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropyl)
Small spoon for mixing and smoothing
Dropper (optional)

ONE: Mix up your favorite eye shadow hue from December’s Handmade Beauty Box using one of our recipes or a custom recipe of your own.Turn Your Losse Eye Shadows Into Solids TWO: Use a dropper to add 30-50 drops of rubbing alcohol to the eye shadow (you can also pour the alcohol from a spoon if you don’t have a dropper on hand). Make sure to add enough rubbing alcohol so the eye shadow becomes a thick, yet pourable mixture.

THREE: Mix, mix, and mix some more using a small spoon or scoop from December’s box until the eye shadow and alcohol are fully mixed together. Add more rubbing alcohol or eye shadow to adjust the consistency.Turn Your Loose Eye Shadow Into a Solid FOUR: Pour (or scoop) the mixture into the lid of the eye shadow pot or an empty eye shadow pan. Then smooth the top of the mixture using the back of a small spoon or cotton swab.

FIVE: Let the eye shadow dry over night so the rubbing alcohol evaporates. TA-DA! You just made solid eye shadow! This trick works on broken bronzers and powders too. Rubbing alcohol to the rescue!

Create Solid Eye Shadow From Loose Powder

The eye shadow project is still available for purchase while supplies last! Pssst…we only have seven left so hurry!




I just opened this box and I love it, but I can not get the bottom micas out of the tube (merlot and patina sheen). I’ve tried really hard to get it open with no luck 🙁


We made sure the containers were put together extra tight so they wouldn’t spill in transit. Do you have anyone else in the house that could give it a try? You might need to phone a friend on this one =) Or maybe try tapping the container on a counter top to loosen it up?

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