September Box: Sea Clay Face Mask

September’s box is the perfect excuse to get your girlfriends together, pour some wine, and treat your beautiful faces to soothing DIY mud masks.

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Handmade Beauty Box Includes:
4 oz Kaolin Clay
12 oz Sea Clay
5 oz Rice Bran Oil
0.2 oz Ginseng Extract
0.18 oz Tea Tree Essential Oil
1 Dropper
2 Bail Jars
4 Round Containers with Lids

What You’ll Need From Home:
Sifter (Optional)
Large Mixing Bowl
Mixing Spoons
Measuring Spoons
Whisk (Optional)

What’s Going On Your Face:
Rice Bran Oil is rich in Vitamin E, anti-oxidants, and used for treating dry and mature skin. Tea Tree Essential Oil is a soothing essential oil and known for its antiseptic properties. Kaolin Clay is nourishing and perfect for sensitive skin leaving your face feeling silky and soft, suitable for all skin types. Sea Clay acts as a mild exfoliant and draws oils and impurities from the skin, leaving your face feeling clean and smooth. Ginseng Extract boosts skin-firming collagen and helps to give skin a brighter and more youthful appearance.

Create two unique face masks with Handmade Beauty BoxRecipe One: Soothing Oil Mud Mask
5 tbsp Kaolin Clay
12 tbsp Sea Clay
3—5 oz Rice Bran Oil
5 ml Ginseng Extract
2 Bail Jars
1—3 ml Tea Tree Essential Oil

ONE: Into a large mixing bowl, sift together 5 tbsp of Kaolin Clay and 12 tbsp of Sea Clay. Mix well. Sifting will create a smooth texture. If you don’t have a sifter your mask will have a clumpier consistency, or what we call a “rustic look.” Just try to get out as many clumps as you can with your fingers.

Handmade Beauty Box face mask making process

TWO: Use the dropper to measure and add 5 ml of the Ginseng Extract to the clays and mix well.

THREE Slowly add the Rice Bran Oil in small increments until you have your desired consistency.

10 tbsp: thick, 12 tbsp: perfect, 14 tbsp: thin

Tip: Did you add too much oil? Thicken it up by adding more Kaolin or Sea Clay. Did you use all of your oil and it’s still too thick? Any liquid oil will work to thin it out. Try Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, or Grapeseed Oil.

Making your own face mask is easy with Handmade Beauty Box

FOUR: Once you’ve found your ideal face mask consistency use the dropper to measure out 1 ml of Tea Tree Essential Oil and add it to the muddy mixture. Mix well.

Tea Tree Essential Oil Usage: 1 ml for a mild scent and 3 ml for a stronger scent. If you have sensitive skin, stick with the mild usage rate. Do not apply essential oil directly on the skin. Click here for more information on essential oil safety.

FIVE: Split the mixture into two bail jars for storage, filling each jar ¾ full. Use within 12 months.

Soothing Oil Mud MaskTo Use: Make sure your hair is out of the way using clips or a headband and wear clothes that you don’t mind getting messy (hey, that’s all part of the fun, right?). If you made a thinner mask you may need to stir before use.

1) Wash your face with a cleanser to remove makeup and use warm water to open up pores.
2) Apply mask directly to your damp face, avoiding the eye area, leaving the nostrils clear, and extending all the way down your neck. Leave the mask on your face for 10-15 minutes.
3) Gently rinse off the mask with warm water and an old wash cloth (optional) then pat your skin dry with a clean towel.
4) Optional – follow up with the DIY Toner from August.

Recipe Two: Oil Free Mud Mask
5 tbsp Kaolin Clay
12 tbsp Sea Clay
1—3 ml Tea Tree Essential Oil

ONE: Into a large mixing bowl, sift together 5 tbsp of Kaolin Clay and 12 tbsp of Sea Clay. Mix well.

TWO: Use the dropper to measure and add 1 ml of Tea Tree Essential Oil and mix well with a whisk (add 3 ml of Tea Tree Essential Oil for a stronger scent and if you have sensitive skin, stick with the mild usage rate). It’s important that the essential oil is fully distributed so mix thoroughly for 1—2 minutes with a whisk.

Oil Free Mud MaskTHREE: Evenly disperse into 4 plastic containers with lids and store in a cool dry place.

To Use: When you’re ready to use the mask, mix 2 tablespoons of the clay and essential oil mixture with 1 tablespoon of distilled water. Use within 24 hours after water has been added to the clay mixture. See application instructions from recipe one =) 

Just add water to this oil free mud mask!

Download the super cute labels here!

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Casey Robertson

I had so much fun with this project. This is a box that at first I thought – I’ll be sharing all of these masks. I don’t usually use a face mask. There is just something about making it yourself – and seeing everything that goes into it. So sorry to my friends and guinea pigs – I’m keeping most of this box’s product for myself 🙂


Thanks for your comment, Casey! So glad to hear that you loved September’s project. And we totally approve of hoarding the mud masks all for yourself =)


I loved this months mud mask project! I like to use facial masks at least twice a week and would love to know how to make even more mask recipes! Are there any other ways to use these clays for face masks that possibly use other ingredients besides the oils and tree tree essential oil? Maybe a way to incorporate tea or the tea leaves? How about honey? I’ve heard honey is good for acne and that’s it naturally antibacterial?

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