Ring in the New Year with a Contest!

Ring in the New Year With a Contest!The Handmade Beauty Box team is excited to announce our very first contest of 2016! We love our loyal (and new) subscribers that craft with us every month and this is our way of saying THANK YOU!

How to Enter

1.) Comment on this blog (below) with your favorite DIY project of all time (does not have to be a Handmade Beauty Box project).
2.) BONUS entry: Share the contest photo (above) or share the link to this blog post to Twitter (@handmadebeautyb), Instagram (@handmadebeautybox) or Facebook. Each post counts as an entry (wahoo)! Make sure to tag us (so we’re able to see your entry) and use the hashtag #hbbshowandtell.

What Will I Win?

The Handmade Beauty Box team will pick a blog comment and social media post at random on Monday, January 18th.

1st Prize: Your choice of a past box, January’s upcoming project, or a $32 gift card towards your next renewal (if you’re already one of our wonderful subscribers).

2nd Prize: A goodie bag filled with handmade soap and completed products from some of our previous boxes.

Contest ends on Monday 1/18 at midnight. Winners will be announced 1/19.

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Kelly Stirling

My favorite month has to be the facial toner! I use it everyday and it has made such a difference in my skin.


The facial toner is such a great recipe. Happy to hear you’re seeing positive changes in your skin. That’s what DIY beauty is all about. Yay!


Bath Bombs are a classic. They’re super easy yet so fun and gratifying to make. Not to mention fun to use!

Casey Robertson

Just one? Impossible. I loved the loofa soap. I have made it over and over. The bath bombs box gave me my mojo back, so that totally gets a mention. The cuticle balm box gave me my personal favorite lip balm recipe. I have used the face toner from that box every day since the project. Honestly, to name just one is not fair!


Thanks for all of the project shout outs. We share some of the same favorites. Pretty sure the entire HBB team uses the toner and lip balm daily too =)

Deb Mueller

They are like lays potatoe chips you can’t have just one. I have loved them. Equally, probably, don’t want the others to be jealous. The soap sparked future creativity. The makeup filled a need for me. The toner for me and my boys, yes, I said boys, teenagers at that. The nail polish a project done with my niece, it’s a family affair. Love these little boxes of monthly creativity.


Haha. We’re going to start using that potato chip analogy. So funny! We love that your whole family is so crafty. That’s what it’s all about =)

Katie Knisley

I agree I really like them all. My favorite few are the mint julep lip balm, the bath bombs, and the mud mask.


We’re so happy that you really like all of the boxes Katie! We can’t stop using the mint julep lip balm here at the office, it’s a must have for this winter weather. 🙂

Melissa Cooper

I was looking for a beauty box subscription and came across this website. I have missed all of the crafting and art project from college so i thought this would be a great way to get messy again. I just subscribed and can’t wait for my first box. I totally fell in love with the salt scrub and want to make my own.


So glad that you found us and welcome to Handmade Beauty Box, we can’t wait to craft with you! 🙂 The salt scrub box is still available for purchase on our singles page, the fragrance oil that it comes with is a favorite among the Handmade Beauty Box team. Let us know what you think of your first box!

Christine Sinanan

I’m a newbie so I’m patiently waiting for my January box! I’m so excited, this is one of the best birthday presents ever! I’d have to say my favorite DIY ever would be last Valentine’s. I made about 100 paper hearts and hung them from the ceiling in the entrance hallway in our apartment. When my boyfriend got home his face was priceless. It was so much fun!!


What a unique and romantic DIY project, we just love that idea! Now you have us daydreaming up some cute Valentines Day crafts. 🙂 Welcome to Handmade Beauty Box (we are so excited for you to receive January’s box) and happy birthday!

Christine Sinanan

Thank you! I just got it this morning and I AM IN LOVE!!! I’ll be doing an unboxing on my blog later today.


Awesome. Send us the link to your blog? We would love to see it =)


Favorite was the eye shadows that we got last month! It was so much for to make and I’m excited for this month!


We’re so happy you love the December box Michele. 🙂 We had a lot of fun creating the perfect eye shadow recipe, January’s box is equally as colorful!


My favorite time I had with a DIY project was making nail polish with the Handmade Beauty Box kit with my teen daughter and some of her friends. Her friends had so much fun mixing colors (I pulled out some of my soaping micas for more color choices, so there was quite the rainbow of polish colors). I think it inspired some of the girls to try other DIY projects. One even asked how to get the boxes so she could do them with her mom! I love that, as doing these kind of projects with my daughter creates some of my favorite memories! 😉


We love that you used different micas to create unique nail polish colors, and that you had such a fun time crafting with your daughter and her friends! It’s always enjoyable to inspire others to try new things.


I think as a mom the best part was that none of the girls picked up their phones the whole time we were working…except when done to post pictures of their creations and nails. 😉


Great choice Heather, you can never go wrong with a bath bomb project! 🙂


WOW! This is a totally impossible question for me to answer! I’ve been sitting here looking at all the past boxes trying to decide on one single project that I can definitively say was without a doubt my favorite aaaanndd NOPE! Can’t do it! So then I thought I’d narrow it down to my two favorite boxes and again NO CAN DO!
I had really wanted so badly to learn how to make all these wonderful, fun and very useful projects for such an incredibly long time (years in fact) and had just been to gun shy to ever attempt them on my own. There were only two very simple projects I was comfortable with and while purchasing supplies one day on Bramble Berry I stumbled across a link for the Handmade Beauty Box, the answer to my prayers!! And of course which I immediately subscribed to!!
Now ever since that day I anxiously await each months project and every month I swear that project is my absolute favorite! I have literally loved every single Handmade Beauty Box that I’ve been sent! I’d have never made any of them had I not subscribed HBB!
If I’m forced to choose just one single box I guess I’d have to stick with what I say every month…..”This most recent box is my favorite!” That would of course be the eyeshadow project with all the many gorgeous different color options and my personal fave, the option to make either loose mineral eyeshadow or a solid! ( Of course my new favorite will change as soon as I receive my next box, I can’t help it I just love them all!) Thanks for all the truly great projects that even a well accomplished previous “crafty failure” like myself can complete with success and now has something new and fun to look forward to each month!


Thank you for crafting with us every month! We love our subscribers and we’re so happy to introduce new projects into your crafty life =) The mineral makeup box was so fun to design. We’re thrilled that you love it just as much as we do.

Audrey Huntsberry

I love making balms. Ridiculously easy and I come out with such a high end product! I also love cold process soap making. Fat+lye = soap! Ahhh chemistry.


We love balms too. Especially during the winter. And you’re right, they’re so easy to make and so expensive to buy in a store.
P.S. Love that your a CP soap maker too. Always our first love =)

Marie Kelly

While I love all the Beauty Box projects I’ve done, my favorite DIY project would have to be a homemade journal. It was so much fun sewing the pages together with red waxed thread and choosing the perfect cloth for the cover.


Wow! That sounds like such a beautiful project and perfect for the new year to capture all of your thoughts and successes in 2016. So inspired!

Mary William

I love making any and all lip balms, but preferably ones that are easy to do. I’m pretty sure I’ve made several throughout my childhood up through my college years. Hey, you can never have too much lip balm, right?


You totally speak our language.There’s no such thing as too much lip balm =) Our team jokes about that all the time because we usually have a few on our desks and in every pocket.

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