October Box: Pink Sea Salt Scrub

October is the month for pumpkin spice lattes, colorful leaves on the ground, and hot apple cider. But more importantly, it helps bring light to a very important issue – Breast Cancer Awareness. The Handmade Beauty Box team is so proud to be partnered with non-profit Project Violet to help fund the organization’s cancer and drug research program. Together, we created a “pink project” using luxurious pink sea salt and moisturizing oils for an exfoliating salt scrub that will leave your skin feeling smooth as a baby’s you know what. Not only are you giving your skin a treat, you are also helping out an important cause that’s close to our hearts. 100% of our sales from the October box is being donated to Project Violet (read our blog posts here and here).

Have you ever wanted to make your very own scrub? Handmade Beauty Box's DIY Pink Sea Salt Scrub is the perfect project for beginners!


Handmade Beauty Box Includes:
4 oz Coconut Oil
2 oz Fractionated Coconut Oil
32 oz Fine Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
1 tbsp Cranberry Seeds
0.5 oz Beach Breezes
6 Jars with Lids
Labels (located at the bottom of the box)

What You’ll Need From Home:
Small heat safe mixing bowl
Medium mixing bowl
Mixing spoon

Why Use a Salt Scrub?
Our Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is hand-mined from ancient salt beds within the Himalayan Mountains. Protected from pollution and impurities since their formation 200 million years ago, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is believed to be the purest form of salt available. This salt is known for its stimulating, moisturizing, soothing and exfoliating properties. Because of the large particle size, this scrub recipe is perfect for removing dead skin from your legs, feet, and elbows leaving your skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

ONE: Pour all 32 ounces of the Fine Pink Sea Salt and 1 tablespoon of Cranberry Seeds into a medium mixing bowl. Set aside.

TWO: Scoop 4 ounces of Coconut Oil out of the plastic container into a small heat-safe bowl. Melt the coconut oil in the microwave on 30-second bursts until liquid.

THREE: Add 2 oz of Fractionated Coconut Oil and ½ ounce of Beach Breezes Fragrance Oil to the melted Coconut Oil and mix well.

Making a DIY salt scrub is easier than you think!FOUR: Slowly drizzle the oil mixture over the Pink Sea Salt and Cranberry Seeds and mix with a spoon until the oil seems evenly distributed.

FIVE: Add the salt and oil mixture to the 4-ounce plastic containers. Fill them all the way up to the top. Gently tamp the jars down on the counter to make a little more room in the jar. This recipe will fill all 6 jars to the tippy top. Add the finishing touch with these super cute labels.

Handmade Beauty Box pink sea salt scrubVariations:
Do you like wet salt scrubs? If so, leave out some of the salt or add more liquid oil, like olive oil. If you like dry salt scrubs use the full amount of salt and leave out some of the coconut oil.

To Use:
Wet your legs and apply about 1 tablespoon of the salt scrub and gently massage in a circular motion. Leave the scrub on your legs for 3-5 minutes to allow the salt to work it’s detoxifying and healing magic. Then rinse thoroughly.

TIP: Best if used AFTER cleansing with soap or body wash and BEFORE shaving your legs.

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