Links We Like

From hair tips and makeup hacks to delicious recipes and Beyoncé, we have searched our favorite websites (like Refinery29, Anthropologie, TheBeautyDepartment, and Barefootblonde) for articles, tutorials and tips that we absolutely love. Click, read, and enjoy!

Nine links that the Handmade Beauty Box team loves!1. 10 things women with great hair always do. (

2. The Artist’s Studio Tinted Lip Treatment. (

3. 11 morning rituals that can change your life. (

4. Beyoncé is seen but not heard. (

5. Lemon blueberry layer cake. (

6. Our top makeup hacks. (

7. 7 tricks to keep red wine from staining your teeth. (

8. Front row braid tutorial. (

9. A simple belly-blasting workout. (