July: Perfume

Perfume is a very personal beauty product which is why we want to help you create a custom scent that reflects you and your beautiful (spunky) personality. This kit comes with a solid perfume base and a liquid perfume base so you can make both solid and liquid perfumes. Why limit yourself to just one type of perfume? We like options. Use the spray perfume for a night out on the town and keep the solid perfume in your purse to quickly freshen up after the gym. This kit also comes with four different fragrance oils to mix and match like a mad scientist, complete with base, middle, and top notes for the perfect scent combination. If you don’t feel like experimenting yourself, you can borrow one of our six recipes included in the kit.

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Your Handmade Beauty Box Includes:
4 oz Bramble Berry’s Solid Perfume Base
2 oz Liquid Perfume Base
1 oz Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance Oil
1 oz White Tea and Ginger Fragrance Oil
1 oz Island Coconut Fragrance Oil
1 oz Moonlight Pomegranate Fragrance Oil
Slidey Tins (solid perfume)
Mini Spray Bottles (spray perfume)
Tester Strips

What you’ll need from home:
Small heat safe mixing bowl
Mixing spoons
Cotton balls
Coffee beans (optional)

July Perfume Kit

Blending Tips: 

1. Have fun mixing and matching the fragrance oils to create a scent that’s uniquely you.

2. Remember, when fragrance oils are applied directly to the skin, they can cause irritation. Make sure that the fragrance oils are properly diluted with the perfume bases included in your kit. Because the ingredients stay on the skin, it’s important to use a safe amount of fragrance oil. See our recommended usage rates in recipes one and two.

3. You can only smell so many fragrances in one day before your nose starts to lose its accuracy. Smelling coffee beans in between scents will help cleanse the “nose palate.” Pretty sure we just made up the term “nose palate.”

4. When blending fragrance oils, use “parts.” This means that one part can be measured in drops, teaspoons, milliliters, or ounces and the proportions will stay the same. To test fragrance oil combinations, try blending the fragrance oils in drops on a cotton ball or testing strip. Make sure to write down your recipes so you can remember your favorite combinations.

IFRA (International Fragrance Association): All of the fragrance oils that came in your kit are safe to use at a 25% usage rate according to IFRA standards. If you decide to add other fragrance oils to the perfume base, please make sure that you are using the proper usage rates for that specific fragrance oil.

Recipe One – Spray Perfume

ONE: Using a dropper, fill up a spray bottle ¾ full of liquid perfume base. This will be about
7-8 ml.

TWO: Add 2-3 ml of fragrance oil, filling the spray bottle the rest of the way up. Add the cap and shake to mix. Tip: Taking the lid off the spritzer will make it a little easier to screw on the cap.

THREE: Repeat using the rest of your spray bottles!

To Use: Prime the spray pump. Perfume is activated by heat so hold the perfume away from your body and spritz onto your “pulse points” (neck, wrist, elbow, behind the knee). Avoid spraying the perfume on your clothes as it will most likely cause water marks (not ideal if you’re headed out on the town).Perfume Base

Blending custom perfumes.Recipe Two – Solid Perfume

ONE: Scoop all 4 ounces of the solid perfume base out of the container and into a small heat- safe bowl. Do not heat the perfume base in the plastic container.

TWO: Melt the solid perfume base on 15-second bursts until liquid.

THREE: Once the solid perfume base is melted, add between 32-40 ml of fragrance oil and mix well. Carefully pour the mixture into the slidey tins and let cool. Once the mixture has hardened, add the lids and cute labels!

To Use: Rub your finger on the waxy perfume, then apply to your “pulse points” (neck, wrist, elbow, behind the knee).Solid Perfume

Finished Solid Perfume

Variation: Do you want to make a half batch of solid perfume? Scoop out half of the solid
perfume base, which is about 2 ounces, and add 16-20 ml of fragrance oil. Mix well and carefully pour into slidey tins.

DIY Perfume

Our Favorite Fragrance Blends:

1) 2 ml Island Coconut, 1 ml Tahitian Vanilla
2) 2 ml White Tea and Ginger, 1 ml Moonlight
3) 1 ml Tahitian Vanilla, 2 ml White Tea and Ginger
4) 1 ml Island Coconut, 1 ml Tahitian Vanilla, ½ ml
Moonlight Pomegranate
5) 1 ml White Tea and Ginger, ½ ml Island Coconut
6) 2 ml Tahitian Vanilla, 5 drops Moonlight Pomegranate

Don’t forget to download our adorable perfume labels.
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