HBB on New Day Northwest with Margret Larson

The Handmade Beauty Box team on New Day Northwest showcasing their DIY nail polish kit.We received a call last Wednesday afternoon that Handmade Beauty Box had an opportunity to be featured on New Day Northwest for a “girls night in” segment. Wait. With local celebrity Margret Larson? Yes! We frantically started packing our nail polish ingredients and planning our outfits and before we knew it we were on the road by 6am on Thursday morning (bright-eyed and bushy-tailed)! If you’re not from Washington, New Day Northwest is a lifestyle show that showcases living in the Pacific Northwest. The program is taped in front of a live studio audience and features topics such as local issues, events, entertainers, fitness, health, finance, cooking, home experts and more. Watch the segment here.

The Handmade Beauty Box team on New Day Northwest showcasing their DIY nail polish kit.

The photo above is our Handmade Beauty Box “organized chaos” pile in the lobby of the King 5 building in Seattle. In true HBB fashion, we brought everything but the kitchen sink. Yes, that’s Anne-Marie with her laptop on the left working away, most likely designing DIY recipes. The Handmade Beauty Box team on New Day Northwest showcasing their DIY nail polish kit.

Then Anne-Marie and Courtney decided to be “fan girls” and take an embarrassing photo by the K5 sign. We can’t take them anywhere =) Courtney and Anne-Marie's assistant showcasing their DIY nail polish kit on New Day Northwest

We had about 10 minutes to fully set up the nail polish project on stage so Mariam and Courtney fashioned the scene to showcase the Handmade Beauty Boxes and nail polish ingredients.

Handmade Beauty Box was so excited to be on New Day Northwest.

After several trips to and from the stage and green room (while the other segments aired), it was finally time for Anne-Marie to do her “teaser” shot before the commercial break. Teaser shots are always a little awkward to film. The director wants you to wave into the camera for what seams like an eternity but they only use 2 seconds of the footage.  Anne-Marie nailed the “smile and wave.”

New Day Northwest

Then we we’re LIVE!  Host, Margret Larson, started out saying, “Girls night can be the best. It can be the very best for unwinding and reconnecting, and a popular option now is girls night in making your own beauty products. Here with a fun demo, please welcome the founder of Handmade Beauty Box, Anne-Marie Faiola.” From there it was a whirlwind. We made nail polish with Margret and our 5 minutes on air seemed like 20 seconds. Before we knew it we were packing up so the next celebrity chef could set up for his demonstration (meatless burgers – they smelled sooooo good).

The New Day staff was incredibly kind, over the top accommodating, and helped ease our live TV nerves with humor. The host, Margret, was a gem. She is truly a professional in this industry. Watching her interact with the other New Day guests was a joy, and interacting with her in front of the camera was like talking to a friend. We would like to say a huge thank you to the entire staff at King 5. We can’t say enough positive things about our experience and we’re extremely grateful to have had this opportunity.

Handmade Beauty Box showing Margret Larson of New Day Northwest how to make her very own nail polish!

Check out the HBB segment here and buy your very own nail polish box here!

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