Find the “Golden Ticket” and Win

Remember the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? We won’t judge if your favorite version is from 2005. We do love us some Johnny Depp (hearts). However, the 1971 classic brings back those warm and fuzzy nostalgic feelings (and sugar cravings) that make it the ultimate winner for movie night. ANYWAY…because we are head-over-heels excited that you subscribe to our crafty DIY subscription box, we want to give you a special treat in this month’s box. All active Handmade Beauty Box subscribers will have the opportunity to find the GOLDEN TICKET and win a free Handmade Beauty Box project. Okay, so there won’t actually be a fancy golden ticket, but there will be colored crinkle paper so you’ll definitely know if you’ve received a winning box.

Find the Golden Ticket Contest

If your March box was packed with colored crinkle paper you’re a winner!

How to Enter:  All active subscribers in the queue for March’s shipment are on the hunt. So if you’re already an active subscriber you can pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back, and relax. You’re “golden.” If you’re NOT an active subscriber and want a chance to find the golden ticket, subscribe by Monday, March 21st  by 4 pm PST.

How to Win:  Three winning boxes in the March shipment will be packed with purple, yellow, and green crinkle paper. If your March project looks like the image above then congratulations to you, the lucky golden ticket finder.

Winners – please email hello(at)handmadebeautybox(dot)com with the secret code from your winning box.

What You Win: There are three different prizes available. 1)  $32 gift card toward your next renewal 2) Any “single” box from the website or 3) A grab bag filled with six month’s worth of handmade soap and other skin loving goodies.Everything sparkles with Handmade Beauty Box.

There are five days left to sign up for the March Handmade Beauty Box project. If you’re not a current subscriber, you still have time to join the golden ticket fun.