February: Cocoa Butter Bath Bombs

It’s time to step up your bath game with something fizzy, fun, and moisturizing. Our bath bomb recipe fits those exact criteria. Coincidence? We think not. February’s project makes 10 bath bombs with cocoa butter, rose petals, and a best selling fragrance oil called Oatmeal Milk and Honey. It’s full of sweet and toasty vanilla notes which will help maximize your soak time.

Cocoa Butter Bath Bombs



Your Handmade Beauty Box  includes:
24 oz Sodium Bicarbonate
12 oz Citric Acid
0.5 oz Cocoa Butter Pastilles
0.5 oz Oatmeal Milk & Honey Fragrance Oil
0.1 oz Coral Mica
0.2 oz Rose Petals
1 oz Witch Hazel in Aluminum Spray Bottle
1 Dropper
Disk Molds with Lids
Finished Labels (bottom of box)

What You’ll Need From Home:
2 Medium Mixing Bowls
1 Small Heat Safe Container
Rubber gloves (optional)
Mask (if you’re sensitive to powders)
Sifter (optional)

PREP: Lay out your disk molds so they’re ready for action.

NOTE: If you just got a gorgeous manicure we definitely recommend wearing gloves for this project. Citric acid may dull the shine on your nail polish. We tend to plan our manicures around our bath bomb projects – there’s something way too fun about getting your hands messy!

ONE: Add all of the Sodium Bicarbonate and all of the Citric Acid into a mixing bowl and stir with your hands or whisk until all of the clumps have dissipated. A clumpy mixture equals clumpy bath bombs, so it’s important to eliminate all of the large clumps.

TIP: An easy way to get rid of the clumps is to put both powders through a sifter.

TWO: Melt the Cocoa Butter Pastilles in a small heat safe container or small glass mug. Because this is such a small amount you’ll want to melt this on 15-second bursts stirring in between. If the glass gets too hot it could crack. Yikes! The container will be hot when you take it out of the microwave so be careful!

Cocoa Butter Pastilles

THREE: Add the melted Cocoa Butter Pastilles and 10—15 ml of Fragrance Oil to the powdery mixture. Mix thoroughly with a whisk or your hands. We like mixing with our hands.

FOUR: Once the Fragrance Oil and Cocoa Butter is fully incorporated, separate the powdered mixture into two bowls as evenly as you can. This does not need to be a precise measurement. Just eyeball it.

FIVE: Add all of the Coral Mica to the first bowl and leave the second bowl uncolored. Thoroughly mix in the colorant.

Add the Coral Mica

SIX: Add 5—10 spritzes of Witch Hazel to the first bowl. Keep adding Witch Hazel until there’s enough moisture to allow the mixture to stick together when you squeeze a fistful (it should stick together when you squeeze the mixture in the palm of your hand). Believe it or not, depending on the weather, Witch Hazel amounts may vary. If you live in a hot or humid area, you may only need a few spritzes. Repeat this step with the second bowl of bath bomb mixture.

Spritz With Witch Hazel

SEVEN: Sprinkle a few rose petals into each disk mold then sprinkle small amounts of the coral and white mixture into the round disk mold, alternating colors to create layers. Firmly and evenly press down the layers into the mold and keep adding the mixture until the mold is full. Fill to the lip of the mold to leave room for the lid.

NOTE: The rose petals are totally optional. Feel free to leave them out.

EIGHT: Cut out the cute sticker labels, located in the bottom of your box, and add them to the lids of the disk molds. Alternatively, you can carefully unmold the bath bomb within 10—15 minutes. If you do unmold early, make sure that you let the bath bombs dry, untouched, for 6—10 hours. Touching the bath bombs too early will make them crumble, which would be really sad.

Bath Bombs in Molds

TO USE: Use 1 bath bomb per full bathtub of water. If you’re running a half bath for the kiddos make sure you just use half of the bath bomb.


Download the super cute labels here and bonus labels here.

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Hello Handmade Beauty Box,
Can I substitute witch hazel with something else?


Hi Rayna! Witch Hazel is really the best and it should be available at your local drug store. Water will make the bath bombs start fizzing and alcohol just doesn’t work. You could try adding an extra oil or butter to the recipe to see if you can get the mixture to stick together. Start with a small amount though, adding too many oils will result in a soft bath bomb. With this recipe, start with 1-2 tablespoons and go from there. If you are in humid weather you may not even need the extra oil or witch hazel. Good luck!

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