Can you believe that December is over and our our last Handmade Beauty Box of 2015 has been shipped? We are so grateful for those of you who have crafted with us this year and we are extremely excited for the fun surprises we have planned for 2016! Celebrating the new year is all about “out with the old and in with the new” so there’s no better way to ring in the new year than wearing your custom DIY eye shadow (and yes, there is plenty of sparkle)! Ditch last year’s colors, grab a gal pal, and have your first craft party of the new year! This box makes 10 custom eye shadows and comes with a little extra so you can really get creative with your hues.

Eye Shadow Tutorial


Your Handmade Beauty Box includes:
1.5 g Cappuccino Mica
1.5 g Gold Sparkle Mica
1.5 g Copper Sparkle Mica
1.5 g Patina Sheen Mica
1.5 g Honeyed Beige Mica
1.5 g Merlot Mica
0.5 oz Sericite
0.5 oz Titanium Dioxide
Eye shadow Brushes
Mini Scoops
Eye Shadow Pots
Finished Labels (located in the bottom of the box)

What You’ll Need From Home:
Small mixing bowl or mug
Coffee grinder or spice grinder (optional)
Paper towels for cleanup
Your beautiful eyes

ONE: Create an eye shadow base by combining 8 mini scoops of Titanium Dioxide and 5 mini scoops of Sericite. Mix really well with a spoon or mini scoop. The Titanium Dioxide will give the eye shadows a beautiful opaque look, as opposed to sheer. The Sericite will insure your eye shadows go on streak free.

Eye Shadow Base TWO: Add 5—15 mini scoops of a colored mica and mix, mix, mix with a spoon, mini scoop, spice grinder, or coffee grinder. Keep mixing until all of the white clumps are incorporated. Test the color on the back of your hand and adjust the color if needed.

Making DIY eye shadow is easy and fun!

This is a custom color we named “Moon Dust.” Add 10 mini scoops of the Patina Sheen Mica and 5 mini scoops of the Gold Sparkle Mica to your eye shadow base to recreate this beautiful color.

TIP: If the color turns out too dark for your liking, add more Titanium Dioxide or sericite to lighten.

THREE: Put the eye shadow mixture into a clear pot, add a cute label, and that’s it! Really! Make up your own recipe or use one of our suggested recipes below.

Create your very own eye shadow!RECIPES:
Base: 8 scoops Titanium Dioxide, 5 scoops Sericite
1.) 8 scoops Honeyed Beige
2.) 3 scoops Merlot
3.) 5 scoops Gold Sparkle, 3 scoops Copper Sparkle, 2 scoops Cappuccino
4.) 5 scoops Patina Sheen
5.) 5 scoops Copper Sparkle, 3 scoops Cappuccino, 3 scoops Patina Sheen
6.) 7 scoops Cappuccino, 2 scoops Patina Sheen
7.) 6 scoops Gold Sparkle
8.) 1 scoops Merlot, 5 scoops Honeyed Beige
9.) 5 scoops Gold Sparkle, 2 scoops Copper Sparkle
10.) 5 scoops Merlot, 5 scoops Patina Sheen

Recipe Colors

TO USE: Dip the eye shadow brush into the loose powder and tap off the excess powder into the lid. Apply the eye shadow to the lower eyelids in a patting motion. Feel free to get crazy and mix and match your shades using lighter colors on the inside of your eyelids (closer to your nose) and darker colors on the outside of your eyelids.

FOILING: Get a little extra shimmer and shine from your DIY eye shadow blends by using the “foiling” method. Moisten the makeup brush with a little bit of water, dip the moist brush into the powder, then paint the wet eye shadow onto the upper eyelid. Be sure to look down until it dries so you don’t get eye shadow where you don’t want it.

Download the super cute labels here and adorable BONUS labels here. Looking for project ingredients? Click here.

Are you a solid eye shadow fan? Click here to see a tutorial on turning your loose powdered eye shadow into a solid eye shadow.

Eye Shadow tutorial from Handmade Beauty Box

Have fun, get creative, and share your Handmade Beauty Box projects on social media! We want to see your custom eye shadow colors | #hbbshowandtell