We’re Moving!

We’re changing things up and moving Handmade Beauty Box over to Brambleberry.com where you can get these kits (and more!) every month. Because of this, if you’re a month-to-month subscriber, you won’t see your card charged again and, you’ll be able to order directly from Brambleberry.com when you want your next kit (and yes, it’s… Read more »


July: Perfume

Perfume is a very personal beauty product which is why we want to help you create a custom scent that reflects you and your beautiful (spunky) personality. This kit comes with a solid perfume base and a liquid perfume base so you can make both solid and liquid perfumes. Why limit yourself to just one… Read more »

July's Handmade Beauty Box: Perfume

JUNE: Nail Polish

This is the ultimate girls night kit. June’s DIY project come with four pigments, sparkly silver glitter, and fancy rectangle nail polish bottles so you and your gal pals can make eight custom nail polishes. You’ll be the envy of all the girls who can’t find your shade at the salon! What’s the best part… Read more »

DIY Nail Polish Kit from Handmade Beauty Box.


May’s project makes eight unisex shaving soaps to keep for yourself, give away, or both! Women –  you can use it to shave your legs. Men – you can use it to shave that five o’clock shadow. Have fun playing with the Foaming Bath Butter to achieve a whipped, soft, soufflé-like consistency and throw in… Read more »

Shaving Soap Kit from Handmade Beauty Box.


Lotion bars are not only wildly popular but spring is officially here so it’s time to give our skin the TLC it needs with this luxurious (and super easy) lotion bar recipe made with shea butter, avocado oil, and soy wax. This project comes with a stimulating citrus scent blended with grapefruit, lemon, lime, and hints… Read more »

Lotion Bars made easy with Handmade Beauty Box!

March: Sugar Scrub Cubes

Have you been longing for a shower product so wonderful that it could exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize without using three separate shower products? You better sit down for this because we’ve found a product that does it all. It’s called a sugar scrub cube and the DIY project has already shipped to your door. Did… Read more »

Sugar Scrub Cubes by Handmade Beauty Box