Behind the Scenes with Team HBB

Haven’t you always wanted a glimpse behind the scenes of the (chaotic) glamorous Handmade Beauty Box Virtual Craft Parties?

Let’s back up a little bit. Did you know that Handmade Beauty Box started out as a Kickstarter campaign? We were overwhelmed by the interest and support we received from DIY beauty enthusiasts and the Kickstarter community. When we reached 250 backers we promised virtual monthly crafting sessions as a thank you gift. So the virtual craft parties were born and we’ve been having fun on camera (live) since December 2014. Interested in starting your own Kickstarter campaign? Check out some of our tips here (we were even interviewed on Fox News!).

Craft with Anne-Marie and Courtney at

Anne-Marie and Courtney taking selfies on set. That’s a normal occurrence.

Below is a look at our adorable little set, and if you’re a Soap Queen TV fan, you’ll probably recognize it. We have two cameras (one on the ceiling), two computers (one for reading and answering live questions and the other just for the streaming), lots of cords (oh so many cords), extra project ingredients and utensils, and sticky notes so we know where everything is on set. We’re basically prepped like a Martha Stewart show =)

Craft with Anne-Marie from Handmade Beuaty Box! Go to

From left to right: Lipstick, Cuticle Balm, Nail Polish, and Candles

Does anyone craft on Youtube, Google Hangout, Periscope, or Ustream? Leave us a comment below. We would love to tune in! If you’re interested in getting into live streaming yourself, we use Ustream and highly recommend it.

Behind the scenes at Handmade Beauty Box! Go to

Cameras, computers, and cords on set.

Craft with Anne-Marie at

Ingredients, tools, instructions, and notes on set.

Due to our new shipping schedule (see here) we’ve changed our party dates to every second Wednesday of the month at 2pm PST so mark your calendars. Don’t worry, we’ll always remind you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and if you can’t take a break from your work day we’ll record it for you so you can craft with us later.

Watch all of our past virtual craft parties here and if you see a project that you missed or want to do again you can still buy one of the past boxes here (while supplies last).

Remember to tag us on social media with #hbbshowandtell so we can see your creative DIY beauty projects!