Free Creative Live Classes on April 14th

Join our DIY soap and body care classes on Creative Live on April 14th for FREE. It’s all day (online) event so pop in when you can. RSVP for Anne-Marie’s class and we’ll save you a spot. Unable to make it on April 14th? No sweat. If you are unable to attend the live class,… Read more »

Learn to make soap, lotions, balms, and scrubs with Anne-Marie on Creative Live!

March: Sugar Scrub Cubes

Have you been longing for a shower product so wonderful that it could exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize without using three separate shower products? You better sit down for this because we’ve found a product that does it all. It’s called a sugar scrub cube and the DIY project has already shipped to your door. Did… Read more »

Sugar Scrub Cubes by Handmade Beauty Box

Find the “Golden Ticket” and Win

Remember the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? We won’t judge if your favorite version is from 2005. We do love us some Johnny Depp (hearts). However, the 1971 classic brings back those warm and fuzzy nostalgic feelings (and sugar cravings) that make it the ultimate winner for movie night. ANYWAY…because we are head-over-heels excited… Read more »

Handmade Beauty Box Golden Ticket Hunt

St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest Inspiration

We love any and all excuses to get together with  girlfriends for a DIY date.  We know you do too. Thankfully St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner (or under the rainbow?). We’ve searched Pinterest like a leprechaun searching for gold for the most creative and delicious DIY activities for you and your gal pals. We… Read more »

St Patricks Day Pinterest Inspo