February: Cocoa Butter Bath Bombs

It’s time to step up your bath game with something fizzy, fun, and moisturizing. Our bath bomb recipe fits those exact criteria. Coincidence? We think not. February’s project makes 10 bath bombs with cocoa butter, rose petals, and a best selling fragrance oil called Oatmeal Milk and Honey. It’s full of sweet and toasty vanilla notes which… Read more »

Cocoa Butter Bath Bombs

Subscriber Shout Outs #2

Reason number 439 on why we love social media: We get to swoon over photos of Handmade Beauty Box projects created by our super talented subscribers. We can’t even handle how awesome these posts are. Check out these beautiful projects below and keep posting to #hbbshowandtell and #handmadebeautybox on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so we can continue to… Read more »

Other fun projects created by Handmade Beauty Box subscribers on Instagram.

There’s Still Time, Valentine.

Give your sweetie, bestie, or “galentine” the thoughtful gift of DIY beauty. They’ll think of you monthly when they receive their Handmade Beauty Box. They’ll think of you when they craft too — and even when they use the product. They’ll basically think about you all the time, which is why this makes such a… Read more »

DIY (beauty) Valentine's Day!